OjaExpress is filling a very large gap in the market for a very passionate and constantly growing customer base… same-day delivery for culturally- or ethnically-specific groceries.

Small “mom and pop” grocery stores remain the primary (if not, the only) source for many immigrants to find the majority of their favorite products and produce from their home countries. And, struggling to reach the scale they need to survive, many of these small shops only last a generation before closing their doors, making it harder still for these customers to find what they’re looking for.

OjaExpress and its innovative business model work to correct both sides of this conundrum. Providing the technology needed for these small grocers to get their products online, OjaExpress helps them scale and find more customers while also making it easier for existing customers to shop for the hard-to-find ethnic groceries they want. And even better, they offer same-day delivery services and mobile-friendly order